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TSG Pipe Repair with SPS

TSG Pipe Repair with SPS

New for 2017 – TSG/Pipe Repair with SPS is a permanent class approved pipework repair solution used where structural integrity, containment, or protection against corrosion is needed. This in service, no hot works bolted design is a cost effective alternative to pipework replacement.


TSG/Pipe Repair with SPS has been designed to factor in the continued deterioration of the original pipework.  In situations where internal metal loss continues additional TSG/Pipe Repair with SPS sections can be bolted to the first repair.  This subsequent repair can be carried out with the pipework in service.

TSG/Pipe Repair with SPS is:

  • a permanent class approved repair
  • a no hot works solution
  • an in service repair method
  • an additional barrier which is impervious to most product media
  • a product with a design life that will see out the viability of the asset
  • installed by a dedicated specialist team

Each TSG/Pipe Repair with SPS installation will be controlled under TSG Marine’s configuration management system, with each repair having a unique serial number which will be linked to the QA/QC inspection, dimensional inspection, factory acceptance test and documented in the manufacturer’s record book that is issued with each repair.