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Reinventing the reel

Reinventing the reel

TSG Marine were asked to assist with a project to provide a 4.5 metre umbilical storage reel with a product capacity of 11.4 tonnes. The fabricator’s client required a new design for the reel after experiencing problems with their previous supply, including structural failures. The project involved analysis, design and technical support to deliver a class approved reel, complete with cradle and lifting beam.   

The problems experienced with the previous reels related to buckling of the central core. TSG Marine evaluated the possible reasons for the failures and incorporated the findings into the new design to avoid any future structural integrity issues.

TSG Marine designed the new reel pragmatically, with the operator and fabricator in mind. In particular, a key objective was to reduce fabrication time and material wastage. The reel was also constructed to be easily transportable, with forklift pockets incorporated into the cradle design to remove the need for crane lifts during site movements. The separate parts (reel, cradle and lifting beam) were designed to provide an innovative complete storage solution incorporating, for example, a storage basket to secure the lifting ancillaries as well as housing the lifting beam.

In addition to the design aspect of the project, TSG Marine supplied technical engineering support including welding inspection and material verification. TSG Marine also acted as the interface between the fabricator and the classification society, providing experienced assistance to ensure that the reel was fabricated in accordance with the classification society rules and survey criteria.

This project provided TSG Marine with the opportunity to apply innovative thinking to a standard piece of equipment and assist in supplying the client with a high quality, but cost effective, class approved product.