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Finding the root cause

Finding the root cause

TSG Marine’s client was the owner of a diving support vessel which had experienced a fault warning during dynamic positioning (DP) operations. While the fault appeared to be spurious, owners took the prudent decision to return the vessel to port and commence an investigation. TSG Marine were able to provide the client with an integrated support package including incident investigation, root cause analysis and a return to service programme.   

Within 12 hours of notification, TSG Marine had arranged onsite support from a Chief Engineer and an Electrical Engineer, both with extensive experience in the design, management and auditing of DP vessels.

TSG Marine carried out an in-depth investigation to determine the reason
for the fault warning, including discussions with the equipment manufacturers. The root cause for the fault warning was identified as a machining issue on a redundant sensing circuit.

In order to get the vessel back into service as quickly as possible, a secondary circuit was designed, approved by class and fitted to the vessel. This rectified the fault warnings being experienced and also prevented further triggering of the effected circuit relay. Following a sea trial the vessel was passed as fit for service.

During the investigation and rectification phases, TSG Marine’s personnel provided assistance based on extensive experience of DP systems, including an in-depth understanding of the practical and legislative requirements.

Following the successful sea trial TSG Marine personnel were able to assist owners in their discussions with charterers regarding the vessel’s return to the field. TSG Marine personnel’s knowledge and experience of DP systems established a high level of credibility when discussing the investigation findings and delivering the recommendation that the vessel was fit to continue with diving operations.