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About Values / history



innovative engineering solutions


We provide solutions. Combining our can do attitude, experience and knowledge we identify safer, smarter and more cost efficient ways of meeting stakeholders’ requirements.


We thrive on a challenge. Operating in fast paced and ever-changing environments we work with integrity and flexibility, underpinning the successful delivery of our projects.


We are a trusted and reliable partner. Developing lasting relationships both within our own team and with those we work with, becoming a seamless part of our clients’ team.


Our attention to detail and diligence is second to none. We listen, understand and importantly anticipate our clients needs to ensure the results are well considered and truly robust.


TSG Marine was first registered as a company by Managing Director, Allan Syme, and one of the questions we are always asked is “what does TSG stand for?” TSG isn’t actually an abbreviation…TSG 250 was the registration plate of the first car in which Allan learned to drive and was owned by his father. The number plate was passed down to Allan and when deciding on a name for the newly formed company, TSG Marine seemed a good choice as he wouldn’t have to pay for a private plate! This is the first time we have heard of a business being named after a private registration and not the other way around. That probably says a lot about TSG Marine as a company, we do things differently and cost effectively.

 The early days of TSG Marine saw Allan undertake various vessel audits with a particular focus on Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems. Early in 2012 Allan was asked to consider working on a particularly challenging walk 2 work concept. Engaged early on in the planning process Allan was able to assist with vessel selection for the project and sought the experience of Senior Project Manager Stuart Bendall to facilitate the mobilisation of two vessels. Together Allan and Stuart successfully oversaw the simultaneous mobilisation of two gangway access systems onto two sister vessels and upon completion of the project fully demobilised each vessel back to its original condition.

 Whilst patting themselves on the back for a job well done and enjoying a glass of port, Allan and Stuart began discussing their ex-forces backgrounds and sharing stories of the camaraderie enjoyed by all facets of the armed services. As the conversation developed (and the port continued to flow) they decided it would be a great idea to develop a company that created a supportive environment for ex-forces personnel to transition onto “civvy street”. TSG Marine as we know it today was created, and around 60% of the current workforce are from operational military backgrounds, with representatives from all three armed services.

 At TSG Marine we also strongly believe in continual personal development. As such, a large number of the team at TSG Marine are in further education programmes, whether that be through college, university or bespoke training packages.